The company

Our workshop is perfectly equipped, near the Bordeaux Airport and inside the space and aeronautic cluster. Our equipments are totally adapted to the saddlery and the luxury preparation of boats, airplanes and cars. Our team is qualified, and the complementarity of their specializations allow us to propose to boats, cars and airplanes manufacturers excellence handmade work. Since the beginning of the VIP aeronautic upholstery and the magnificent adventure of the FALCON, SDA has been working with its team on a permanent voluntary to propose the best quality, the elegance and the customer satisfaction, in aeronautic, water sport and automotive worlds.

History :

1966 : Claude SAGUEY starts its aeronautic upholster career in DASSAULT AVIATION,
1989 : Claude SAGUEY creates SEDHAM for the upholstery of the FALCON 50 and 900,
1993 : SEDHAM becomes SDA

References :

  • Interior arrangement of FALCON 50, 900 and 2000,
  • Starting in 1995, SDA works with AIRBUS in the interior arrangement of its airlines aircraft,
  • In 1996, SDA works on BEECHCRAFT and MERLIN airplanes,
  • In 2007, DASSAULT AVIATION asks SDA to work on FALCON 7X,
  • In 2014, SDA works on A319 CJ and A320 CJ for Airbus Corporate Jet Center,
  • In 2015, SDA is selected by DASSAULT AVIATION to work on the prototype FALCON 5X et 8X.

SDA is working under the EN9100 requirements.